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Millionaire Audio CD Set Millionaire, Wealth, Finances
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    This complete series will open your eyes to new opportunities and, ultimately, to the Wealth Secret. Includes: The Millionaire Inside You: There is a millionaire hidden inside each one of us. Find out how you can unlock the millionaire in you. The Millionaire You Need To Know: You'll find the secrets that will enlighten and motivate you to unprecedented levels. The Millionaire That Makes Things Happen: Wealth does not depend on your intelligence or your heritage. Wealth comes to those who make...

    Wisdom & Wealth: Breaking The Back Of Debt Audio Set Debt, Finances, Success
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      Managing your finances is no easy task in today's world. Learn from "The Authority" as he identifies the different types of debt and the best ways you can fight them. Dr. Chitwood also discusses ways to hold on to more of your money because, "It's not how much money you make, it's how much money you keep."