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Certified Master Life Coaching System
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    Learn the Secrets to Success, Financial Freedom and Happiness when you apply the Strategies Dr. Michael Chitwood shares with you in the Certified Master Life Coaching System

    Building & Accumulating Wealth Finance, Debt, Strategy
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      Empower yourself with practical strategies for gaining control over your finances. The system includes: A Debt-Reducing Workbook, Personal Success Handbook, Achieving Personal Success DVD, Women Financial Champions, How To Be Debt Free, Economic Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs, Financial Freedom, The Secrets Others Won't Tell You And Seven Secrets To Unlimited Wealth.

      Master Financial System Money, Loans, Free
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        Equip yourself with the essential tools to take full advantage of government grants, loans and subsidies. This series covers governmental auctions, foreclosures, tax liens and how to properly write a grant. Someone is going to get the money ­— why shouldn't it be you? This financial system includes: Ten Steps To Success, Funding Resources, Guidelines For Attending Government Auctions, Tax Lien Certificates, Foreclosures, Master Directory Of Resources and Audio CD Set.

        Professional Speakers and Authors System
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          Make a professional speaking career work for you! This system is targeted to people who want to take their speaking skills and fully develop them into a professional speaking career. If you are an author, we'll teach you how to package your book and where to get it published. System Includes: Speakers Certified Manual, Training Manual with Software, Directory Of Publishers, How To Write & Publish Your Book, How To Receive A Patent & Register A Trademark, Power Promises For Success-N-Life...

          The Master Entrepreneurial System Wealth System, Finances, Success
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            An entire working system designed to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial participation at the corporate and individual level. Fifteen books are included. INCLUDES THESE BOOKS: •Entrepreneur Policies & Personnel Manual • Economic Empowerment for Entrepreneurs • Getting Your Business Going • Understanding Your Employee ID Number • Understanding Federal Tax Deposits • Accounting Periods & Methods • Tax Guide for Small Business • Starting a Business & Keeping Records • Application & Contract...

            Wealth Accumulation System Wealth, System, finances
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              This comprehensive system will place you on the right path to building and accumulating personal wealth. If you are ready to take control of your finances, this system will teach you how to break the bondage that money places on so many people. You'll learn how to make money serve you instead of you serving money. The complete system - which includes thirty-four full length audio CDs, 18 books and one DVD will put the real keys to wealth and abundance at your fingertips.