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Building & Accumulating Wealth Finance, Debt, Strategy
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    Empower yourself with practical strategies for gaining control over your finances. The system includes: A Debt-Reducing Workbook, Personal Success Handbook, Achieving Personal Success DVD, Women Financial Champions, How To Be Debt Free, Economic Empowerment For Women Entrepreneurs, Financial Freedom, The Secrets Others Won't Tell You And Seven Secrets To Unlimited Wealth.

    Accelerate Your Credit Repair Credit Repair
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      Debt is not your destiny. Many Clergy and Church members suffer from the high costs that a poor credit rating imposes upon day-to-day life. Many of the companies that advertise that they can clean up your credit report and raise your credit score do it by less than legal means. In this 2 CD package, Dr. Chitwood provides all the tools needed to: Build A Better Credit Report, Avoid Debt Scams, How to Erase Credit Inquiries, Your Rights When Dealing with A Collection Agency, How to Settle Your...

      Retirement Book & DVD
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        A collection of testimonies that will inspire and empower you to plan for your retirement. The manual covers all the issues of retirement. When should you retire? Are you ready to retire? Do you have enough set aside for retirement? What can you expect from Social Security? Your latter days should be greater than your former days. Plan now for retirement and they will be!

        The New IRS Rules on Gifts & Love Offerings to Ministers
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          Receiving cash is always a great thing – or is it when if you are a pastor or ministry? When does the IRS consider it excessive income and should be taxed? This document has been prepared with guidance from our legal department and to give you information and guidance on taxation of gifts given to ministers. This manual breaks down cash payments into its proper category: contributions, gifts, “love gifts,” honorarium payment, etc.

          Ministry Accounting Practices & Procedures
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            This valuable resource reference guide that addresses in detail the following subjects: Honorariums, Control of Petty Cash, Arm’s Length, Ministry Budgeting, Ministry Credit Cards, Qualified Disbursements, Critical Path Accounting and Minute Book.

            Child Protection Policy & Procedure Manual
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              This manual provides guidance in developing procedures to ensure the nurturing of children and young people within a church or non-profit organization. The policy manual includes selection or screening of church staff and volunteers, creating a safe environment, how to respond to worker injuries and accidents, how to respond to co-workers allegations of abuse and reporting procedures for children youth workers. Includes software containing the policy procedure manual for your organization to...

              How to Incorporate Your Church or Ministry
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                Tax-exempt status is available for you and you can do it yourself! This is a very user friendly and all inclusive system for starting your ministry, church, or community development corporation. This simplified system can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in attorney fees and consultants who really do not know 501(c)(3) law. Starting from the very beginning until the final completion of the application this do-it-yourself system has it all: how to receive your federal identification...

                Legal System
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                  Save money now and heartache later with do-it-yourself legal documents. No one wants to think about what happens if they die or become unable to make decisions for themselves. But if you do not think about it now, what will your loved ones do when the time comes? It will happen and will happen sooner than you think. This boxed set of do-it-yourself legal documents allows you to prepare now.

                  Ministers and Social Security
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                    It is essential that your church and ministers understand how social security works, how it effects each of the employees of the organization, and how to plan for the effects it will have, or already has, on your retirement. This master system will provide all the tax information and the preparation for your application to opt out of social security.

                    Church Gift Software
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                      This complete church management system gives you detailed instructions and shows you step-by-step how to implement and maintain a successful offering envelope system in your church. This system contains Dr. Michael Chitwood’s expertise in church financial growth and has been tested and proven in churches all over the nation. INCLUDES: • Manual for finance committee • Church gift recording software CD • Software user’s manual • Instructional video • Detailed counting procedures • Contribution...

                      Church & Ministry Policy & Personnel Manual w/Software
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                        Do you have a policy & procedures manual? Do you have one that meets the conditions of the U.S. Department of Labor which now requires that all ministries, churches, and businesses have a written policy and personnel manual. This 66-page book &complete detail software package covers almost every topic that you could think of. This package includes: paid vacations and holidays and compliance with COBRA and the Family Medical Leave Act. The user-friendly software will allow each church to...

                        Church Compliance System
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                          You must now have every area of your church in compliance with the internal revenue service and each state. This in-house church compliance self audit will allow you to determine the areas that need to be looked at, examined, and corrected. The new laws that govern church audits and church compliance now holds the board of trustees, board of directors, check writers, pastor, and in some situations members of congregations responsible if the church is out of compliance with the Internal Revenue...