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Clergy & Administration Compensation
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    Take the guess work out of the Pastor's pay. This invaluable 116-page book is designed to help the church board establish a fair and reasonable salary for the Pastor. With the new excise sanction laws, it is more important than ever for the church board to use outside resources when setting compensation. Complete with all relevant worksheets, employment contract, minutes for a pay raise, fringe benefits and much more.

    Clergy Spiritual Guidance Record
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      Protect yourself with accurate records on spiritual guidance! Today churches and pastors are faced with a record number of lawsuits. One vulnerable area is spiritual guidance. Sexual harassment is now classified as a criminal offense, and without a thorough understanding, ministers could find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance. It is more important than ever for clergy to understand all EEOC guidelines and to keep very accurate records on anyone receiving spiritual guidance. This...

      Handbook of Financial Giving
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        The most powerful stewardship handbook ever produced! This 43-page handbook is a great resource for educating church members not only about spiritual truths on stewardship, but also on how to take full advantage of IRS tax laws. Topics range from establishing league trusts, pool trusts and charitable remainder uni-trusts to basic tithing and offering. This great teaching tool should be included in any new church member's packets. Inquire about our quantity discounts for your congregation! ...

        How to Set Up Love Offerings
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          Love Offerings are a great way for Churches to honor their Pastor. Unfortunately there are many IRS Court Cases that have resulted from Love Offerings that were improper and illegal. In this manual we teach the Church how to establish a Love Offering Program that is Biblical and Legal. Any Church that does not have this manual in their Library is probably dishonoring their Pastor and placing him or her in jeopardy with the IRS.

          Master Clergy & Church Forms Manual
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            Does your church have a benefits plan for the clergy and staff? Almost every fringe benefit imaginable for the church staff and minister is included in this 239-page book with software: Section 89 medical reimbursement plan, accountable reimbursement plan, educational assistance plan, deferred compensation, salary continuation, deferred housing, rabbi trust, split dollar life insurance and much more. The user-friendly software allows the church board to develop any plan specifically for their...

            Ordination Examination
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              Pastor, it is time for your deacons and church leaders to become spiritually educated. This 500 question test comes complete with the ability to have the exam officially graded.

              The Ultimate Church & Ministry Bylaws Manual
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                The Church and Ministry bylaws of any organization are the organizational documents of what the organization believes and include the tenets of faith. With churches and ministries facing an ever increasing risk of lawsuits, it’s absolutely essential that the bylaws must be up to date and include all of the requirements by the state and federal government. Just because churches are exempt from certain portions of the 1964 civil rights act, it is absolutely essential to implement the scriptural...

                Qualified IRS Written Reimbursment Plan Documents - 66 Benefits for a Minister
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                  These are 66 of the most incredible allowable expense items for the ministers according to the internal revenue code. There is absolutely no question about the importance of having a well-defined qualified reimbursement plan for the minister. God calls His ministers to serve – He calls upon His people to support them adequately.